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Southern Pine Lumber

          Southern Pine grows in a vast band across the Southern United States, from East Texas to Virginia.  In Fact, it's a rare county that doesn't contain a representative of one of the four main species: shortleaf, longleaf, loblolly or slash.  Lumber from all four is marketed as Southern Pine and graded in accordance with the grading rules of the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB), approved by the American Softwood Lumber Standard.

Market Opportunities for Southern Pine lumber exist in residential, nonresidential and industrial applications.  Major market areas are throughout the United States, as well as export markets in Europe, Japan, Mexico, and Caribbean Basin.

The inherent characteristics that make Southern Pine such a desirable species for so many applications are:

  • HIGH STRENGTH - Design values assigned for Southern Pine are among the highest for all softwoods.

  • SEASONING - Grademarked Southern Pine dimension lumber (2" and less in thickness) must be dried to a maximum of 19%.  Since average equilibrium moisture content of residential construction is 12%, shrinkage associated with "green lumber" is minimized.

  • NAILHOLDING - The ability of Southern Pine to hold fasteners is among the highest of the softwoods.  Drying enhances nailholding, by reducing the tendency for "nail pop" associated with drywall construction.

  • DURABILITY - Southern Pine is highly resistant to wear; therefore, it is suitable for decks, patios, marinas, boardwalks and other high traffic applications.

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